Purchase Options

Purchase Options

Grand.bank offers several different purchase options to fit your specific cash needs. Plus, unlike other companies, we can tailor a purchase program to meet your individual needs by creating a unique option that others can’t.

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Why Grand.bank?

More Money In Your Pocket

As a bank, we enjoy a lower cost of funds competition, which typically results in a better deal for you.

Fast Closings

Closings can be as fast as 21 days after we receive a completed note package.


We are pioneers in the owner finance industry and purchasing notes for over 45 years.


Grand Bank is an FDIC-insured, federally regulated bank, so you know you're dealing with a buyer you can trust.

We Buy Notes Nationwide

As a federal savings bank, we can purchase notes throughout the United States without geographic restriction. We rely on years of experience to understand your market to ensure you receive top dollar when selling your owner-financed note. Give our highly qualified Note Buyers a call today!